By Hunters, For hunters

By Hunters, For hunters

By Hunters, For huntersBy Hunters, For hunters




Owner:  Tim Doane

UKC #: R215-773

DOB: 06/20/2009

Breed: Labrador

Sire: FC NAFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade

Dam: Home Runs To Hot To Trot

Stella is a product of our very first breeding here at Kingseed Kennels. As a puppy she was one of the happiest animals on the planet, as a 10 year old she remains one of the happiest animals on the planet. She has always loved life and especially her work. She bounces everywhere she goes still to this day and her puppies do the same.

Stella was good at a very young age and stayed consistent all through her competitive career. In the HRC program she is a 500 point dog that earned her GRHRCH title by passing 2 out of 3 International Grand’s. The one Grand she failed is the only HRC test she ever failed.

 Her AKC work was equally impressive. She earned derby points and won a derby. We ran her in four Quals and she won two of them. Stella ran a handful of opens and finished two of them and was one bird away from something special in both. Her AKC hunt test record is almost perfect with only one master fail. Stella passed all four Master National’s that she participated in and is now considered MNH4 and in the Master National Hall of Fame.

Stella has been part of our breeding program and has produced some very nice offspring. Only a few of her pups made it to hunt test homes but she has one pup that is a GRHRCH, a few HRCH’ a few and a few MH offspring as well. Stella has also produced one Derby list, QAA, AFC dog and two other QAA Derby list dogs as well.

As impressive as all that sounds it pales in comparison to what she has added to our live as a part of our family. She was one of the dogs that got us started in the dog games and not only helped us build our business but also introduced us to many of the people that are now our dear friends. For that we will forever be grateful. 

Thanks Stelly for being a great dog and such a big part of our lives.

Tim Doane