By Hunters, For hunters

By Hunters, For hunters

By Hunters, For huntersBy Hunters, For hunters




Owner:  Steve Pittiglio
UKC #:   R 134-506
DOB:     4/26/1999
Breed:   Labrador Retriever
Sire:      HR Walker’s Duncan Duck Darling
Dam:     Backwaters Belle of the Ball

Patton is a product of the Great Lakes Hunting Retriever Club.  His sire, HR Walker’s Duncan Duck Darling and his Dam, Backwaters Belle of the Ball are owned by Kevin and Karen Walker who were members of the club.  Patton started his first four months with Karen and Kevin.  Patton would be my first retriever and I felt that with my work schedule it would be best for the Walkers to keep him and provide the attention that a new puppy requires.  Kevin introduced Patton to birds, canoe rides, and water.  Karen also helped with basic obedience.

 At 5 ½ months of age Patton was my duck hunting buddy on Saginaw Bay and Harsen’s Island.  He was even retrieving birds, bird would go down, I would drop Patton over the side of the boat, and he would return with the bird. 

 Wanting a good retriever for hunting is what led us to the HRC program.  I am a dual member of the St. Clair Flats and Great Lakes Hunting Retriever Club.  Our original goal was to put an HR title on Patton.  I felt that if we could get that title, Patton would be a solid retriever for hunting.  Getting that HR title seemed like it would never happen as we had disappointment after disappointment at several hunt tests.  Finally, after a lot of hard work and with the help of many we reached our goal of that elusive HR title.  The problem now was that we were hooked on going to hunt tests.  So, we began our journey looking to add the CH to the HR.  Once again we had disappointment after disappointment.  We kept on training and we began to participate in club fun hunts.  The fun hunts put on by the Great Lakes Club ended up being just what we needed, and with time the handler and the dog were on the same page.    

Patton and I would like to thank all the members of the St Clair Flats and Great Lakes Hunting Retriever Clubs who have helped over the years.  Without that help we would have never made it so far in the HRC program.  Thank you for all your support, Don Williams, Bob Legree, Cliff Venticinque, Rick Russell, John McKellop, Steve Luter, Steve Eidson, and all that I have missed because there are many.