By Hunters, For hunters

By Hunters, For hunters

By Hunters, For huntersBy Hunters, For hunters




Owner:  Patti Doane

UKC #:R221-744


Breed: Labrador Retriever 

Sire: Hammer Time IX

Dam: Nick of Time Little Nikki

I chose Hannah from a local breeder (yes, I imagine I drove him crazy with my visiting). I decided I wanted to run HRC Hunt tests and Tim told me I needed to get my own dog. We decided to get a female from outside of our Kennel hoping she would prove herself and would be able to be in our breeding program. 

I sure choose a beautiful talented girl that did whatever I asked. There were many tests that she just did the right thing. She took me all the way to the Grand with her. A little luck was on our side as well and we were able to earn her Grand Title when she was very young. She could run a blind with the best of them for sure. Running master tests with her might have been the most fun as she loves her fliers! We even earned a couple of green ribbons running Q’s. I love those ribbons as much as if they were a “color”.

There are many training days I vividly remember her being such a bumper snob. She was a real bird girl for sure. I can still hear Tim saying “go get your Grand dog” to run the set up. So many times she “Rose-inated” his test and knew it as she had by that high step she had coming in on her last bird, seeing me smile. 

As much as we trained retrieving, Upland is her game. She is not that quiet stoic girl while running upland. She actually turned into an unruly dog at times. This has to make you smile if you know how slow (I like to call it methodical) she can be when retrieving. I am thinking no one ever thought she was stylish at a regular test, but in upland, oh yes. 

We had some really nice hunts together with friends when she had her turn going hunting. Some of those days I was convinced she thought real hunting was running around while we set up, take a nap in the hide a pooch, then run around while we picked up. She was on some pretty boring ones and a few great ones!

With all that being said, Hannah has given us many, many talented pups. She was such a great Mama and I used to joke she was going to lick the hair right off them babies. I am lucky to have one of her pups, Rosie that I got to keep. I am wishing I could have kept more than one.  She had the cuddliest pups ever. It is awesome to see and hear about all of them.

Hannah holds the most special place in my heart and always will. We have learned and Loved so much together.

Thank you so much for the opportunity for Hannah to be honored in the Great Lakes Hall of Fame.

Patti Doane

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